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Why Yadav? Customer Feedback

Throughout our history we have offered the finest jewelry to our customers, and in return we have earned a reputation for style, quality and customer service. Our job is even more rewarding when we receive feedback. Over the years we have received thousands of letters, emails, and phone calls from satisfied customers. Below you will find links to our BizRate and archived customer feedback.


BizRate Customer Certified (GOLD) Site BizRate.com is one of worlds the largest, third-party customer feedback websites on the internet. They are known for compiling customer feedback and rating companies on price, popularity and availability of products, against the reputations of merchants that sell them. Yadav has received perfect marks across the board for ease of ordering, on-time delivery, overall satisfaction, customer support, and product selection and availability.

Read DoW's customer feedback at BizRate

Archived Customer Feedback

It is hard work to guarantee satisfaction and maintain the finest selection on diamonds in the industry, but is it is worth while when we hear back from our customers. Over the years we have collected and archived all of our customer feedback letters, emails, and phone calls. We would like to share our archived customer feedback with you, and hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we do.

Read Yadav's archived customer feedback

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