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How to Keep the Sparkle in Your Diamond

If the best way to a manís heart is through his stomach, the most perfect path to a womanís is through her body ó particularly her hands, or perhaps her ears and neck. Weíre talking about any jewelry laden with the most precious stone in the world: diamond. In fact, it would not be called a girlís best friend for nothing.

A diamond is known to be the hardest substance in the world, so if you have a diamond engagement ring or even some loose diamonds, you undoubtedly have one of the most valuable possessions. However, despite their natural beauty, brilliance, and hardness, they can still lose their sparkle. And when they do, they tend to lose their value.

Fortunately, there are several steps on how you can preserve the sparkle of your diamond ring and even have it as your heirloom to your children. You can begin with the following:

1. Keep the diamonds away from one another. Diamonds, unlike other precious stones, are very hard to scratch. The only way to do so is to rub another diamond against it. Itís because of this that diamonds, whether they are set as diamond solitaire engagement ring or loose diamond, should not go together. As much as possible, they must have their own container, perhaps a box or a pouch, which could have been given to you during your purchase.

2. Avoid using cleaning products to them. Diamond rings are actually very easy to maintain. You just need to make sure that you can have them cleaned regularly. Otherwise, you can just settle for some water and a clean cloth or tissue. However, if the color of the diamond engagement ring may have already changed or becoming all too obvious, perhaps itís time that you make use of cleaning product thatís fitting for diamonds. They are sold at diamond specialty shops. Some also utilize a special technology such as high frequency. Whatever it is, though, better ensure that you have carefully studied the option. You can read reviews about it.

3. Pay attention to the instructions. You may ask, ďI have bought the right product. Why is it not working?Ē Perhaps itís time that you check the instructions again. It could be because youíre not doing it right. Every product comes with a direction that you have to follow step by step. If things are unclear to you, you can ask the seller or even the manufacturer. You can also refer it to a diamond expert.

4. Be careful on the products that youíre using. You may not be aware of it but there are some products that may potentially damage the properties of your diamond ring, causing it to lose its brilliance or shine. This is because they do have very strong substances. You may have to avoid wearing the diamond ring when youíre applying your lotion, spraying your perfume, or when youíre taking a bath. When you want to wash your hands, take the ring first before you do so. Better yet, unless itís highly necessary, donít wear the diamond ring.

5. Coordinate with a reputable and trusted jeweler. Your relationship with your jeweler should not end the moment you buy the loose diamond or the engagement ring. It should just be the beginning. Heís the best person to run to when you need to have your diamonds cleaned or adjusted. He can also teach you a thing or two on how to keep your purchased diamonds shining at all times.

Truly, a diamond is precious, and soon it can be of great purpose to you. But just to make sure that its value will never go down throughout the years, do whatever it takes to make it sparkle!

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