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Asscher-Cut Diamond:
Asscher Cut Diamonds Are Gaining in Popularity
While round cut diamonds still seems to be the chosen favorite for engagement rings, the Asscher cut is gaining in popularity. Shows like "Sex and the City" have made this cut popular, as have many celebrities. Kate Hudson wears an Asscher-cut diamond engagement ring that has certainly been photographed by the paparazzi over and over again.

Asscher-cut diamonds are usually octagonal in shape or a square with beveled corners. They have a deep step-cut crown and pavilion that create what we call the Hall of Mirrors effect. When you look directly into a well-cut Asscher diamond you see a wonderful illusion like an infinite hallway of reflecting mirrors.

Choosing an Asscher-Cut Diamond: When looking at Asscher cut diamonds. The way the stone is cut will determine how much light is reflected in and out of the diamond, which is what makes it sparkle.

What to look for in an Assher-cut diamond:
Cut: Excellent
Color: FL - VS-2
Depth Percentage: 65-69%
Table: 54-64%

It's recommended that Asscher-cut diamonds are mounted in a four-pronged setting to protect the corners of the stone from chipping.

The Asscher brothers in Holland created Asscher cut diamonds in the year 1902. The Asscher cut is very similar to the cut of emerald cut diamonds, only in a square shape as opposed to a rectangular shape. This diamond has cropped corners and a stepped square cut, which draws the eye inward towards the center of the stone.