Yadav Diamond & Jewelry Glossary

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Clarity, Enhanced:
In the early 1980ís a new technique for filling feather cracks in diamonds was developed which involves injecting molten glass into tiny crevices without adding detectable weight to the stone.

The main advantage to these diamonds is cost. A stone that looks like itís worth $2,000 may sell for $1,500. Thatís because the diamond's purchase price is based on the value of the diamond prior to the clarity enhancement treatment.

A major disadvantage of the clarity enhancement is that it may not permanent.

  1. Standard cleaning methods for diamonds can eventually erode the filling.
  2. Direct heat which could occur in jewelry repair or mounting can damage the clarity enhanced diamond.
  3. Extended exposure to sunlight can cause the clarity enhancement filler to discolor, and produce unnatural diamond discoloration.
Considering the vulnerability of CE diamonds, they would not endure the wear and tear of an everyday ring. Therefore, DoW DOES NOT SELL CLARITY ENHANCED, CE, DIAMONDS.