Yadav Diamond & Jewelry Glossary

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Emerald-cut diamond:
Engagement rings with emerald-cut diamonds are both sophisticated and elegant, and can still show off sparkle and fire with more dramatic prisms of light. Because the emerald-cut diamond tends to show more flaws, it is important to purchase the highest quality stone you can afford. Due to the broadness of the cut that seems to draw the eye inward, flaws are more readily seen by the naked eye.

What makes the emerald-cut unique is the pavilion, which creates scintillation that is different from other diamond shapes. The clarity grade of the emerald-cut is very important, so if you are considering purchasing DoW recommends looking at the diamondís clarity plot on the diamond report to find the perfect diamond for you. Another consideration when looking at emerald-cut diamonds is the rectangular shape. Depending on the length-to-width ratio an emerald-cut diamondís rectangular shape can vary greatly (see image below). To find the perfect emerald-cut diamond for you look at the length-to-width ratio, so that youíll know the rectangular shape of the diamond that you looking at.

Choosing an Emerald-Cut Diamond:
For the traditional emerald-cut diamond shape, look for a length-to-width ratio between 1.30 and 1.50.

Emerald-cut diamonds were actually a shape originally designed for cutting emeralds, which is how this cut of diamond got its name. The emerald-cut is less brilliant than round cut diamonds, which is a result of its long lines. However, it can still be equally as stunning, depending on the color and clarity of the stone, as well as the skill of the cutter.