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Diamonds on Web is proud to offer low interest financing options for all purchases over $2,500. Act now and the total finance charges you end up paying can be less than 5% of the amount financed!

Here is an example for a $5,000 ring:

  • You pay a 20% down payment of $1,000
  • You pay the balance of $4,000 in 6 equal monthly payments of $699.91

In the end, you will have paid a grand total of $4199.46. That's only $199.46 in finance charges which is only 3.99% of the purchase price and only 4.99% of the amount financed!

You also have the option to pay more than a 20% down payment, in which case your finance charges will be even lower.

You can calculate your estimated monthly payment by using the DoW Payment Calculator below:

DoW Payment Calendar

Program Specifics:
  • The APR on a 6 month term is 16.9%
    (although the total interest paid will only total 4.99% of the amount financed after 6 months)
  • The minimum amount that can be financed is $2,000
  • The maximum amount that can be financed is $8,000
    (for items over $10,000, you must increase the down payment, so that the amount financed remains under $8,000.)
  • You must pay a down payment of at least 20% of the purchase price
  • The approval process only takes a few seconds after you give us your personal information.
  • If you are declined for credit, you may request details as to the reason why and we may be able to work out an alternative arrangement.

Financing is currently only available to customers living in the United States.