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IGI DRL Light Return Analysis - International Gemological Institute:

DoW provides this unbiased third-party IGI Gem Audit and DRL Light Return Analysis, from the IGI, the International Gemological Institute, for diamonds in our DoW Signature Plus Ideal Round Diamond Collection™.

What your IGI Gem Audit covers:

Shape and Cut: The shape and style of diamond cut. (Ex. Round Brilliant Cut).

Measurement: The measurements of the diamond in millimeters.

Weight: The total weight of the diamond measured before it is set.

Proportions: The depth, table, girdle thickness, and culet of the diamond.

Finish: The grade of the polish and symmetry of the diamond.

Clarity Grade: The clarity grade determined under 10x magnification.

Color Grade: The color of the diamond when compared to the IGI master set of diamonds.

Comments: The description of additional diamond characteristics not mentioned in the report.

Estimated Value: The IGI lists the current total estimated retail replacement value of the item appraised.

Inscription Photo: A photo is taken of your diamond's laser inscription on girdle.

What your IGI DRL Light Return covers:

Photo documentation: A photo of your diamond is taken from the crown and pavilion

Brilliance Range: The results of your diamonds Light Return Analysis is shown in photographs in accordance to the grading scale. * DoW only carries diamonds that receive the highest Light Return grade, Very High.