Yadav Diamond & Jewelry Glossary

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For your protection and peace of mind, many of our diamonds are laser inscribed with their certificate number on the girdle. This serves as a unique identifier so if your diamond ever leaves your possession (i.e. for cleaning or resizing) you can rest assured that you will get the same diamond back. The diamond detail page will indicate whether or not the diamond you have selected has been inscribed or not.

If your diamond has not already been inscribed but you would like for it to be, this service is available for an additional charge of $75. Note though that this just covers the cost of laser inscribing the certificate number on the girdle of the diamond but does not cover the cost of updating the certificate itself to indicate that it has been inscribed. If this is important to you and you want for the certificate itself to be updated, this will incur an additional $100 for a total of $175. This second option is currently only available for GIA or AGS certified diamonds. In either case, these services require additional processing time. The inscription itself requires 4 business days and if you choose to have the certificate updated, that will require an additional 10 business days (because only GIA or AGS themselves can perform the update).