Yadav Diamond & Jewelry Glossary

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Princess-cut diamond:

Princess cut diamonds are for those people who love the sparkle and brilliance associated with round cut diamonds, but prefer the shape of a square. With princess diamonds, you do not have to sacrifice the fire that the asscher cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds often lose. In fact, the princess cut can be just as dazzling as an ideally proportioned round cut diamond, with loads of light and sparkle.

While the round brilliant solitaire seems to be the most popular shape right now for engagement rings, many people are deviating from this trend and going with princess cut diamonds. This cut can look spectacular alone as a solitaire, or it can be paired with other diamonds to create a truly inspiring work of art. Remember, with all diamonds, regardless of shape, you can spend a lot more money if the cut, color, clarity, and carat are all ideal

Choosing an Princess-Cut Diamond:

For a princess diamond shape that is square, look for length-to-width ratios between 1 and 1.05. If you prefer more of a rectangular shape, look for length-to-width ratios greater than 1.05. For the only ideal-cut princess available, view the DoW Signature Collection.