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A diamond's symmetry is graded according to how precisely the facets are aligned. That is, the top of the facet should align with the bottom of the facet.

Diamonds on Web only offers diamonds in the desirable symmetry grades of: Good (GD) , Very Good (VD), Excellent (EX), and Ideal (ID). We highly recommend avoiding diamonds with symmetry grades of Poor (PR) and below. The alignment of these diamond's facets may misdirect light so severely that it affects the brilliance of the diamond.

Symmetry Grades

ID = Ideal
EX = Excellent
VG = Very Good
GD = Good
FR = Fair
*Not carried at DoW
PR = Poor *Not carried at DoW

Below, is an illustration of how symmetry affects a diamond.

For more information on diamonds read DoWs 4Cs on diamond information. More