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Cheap Diamonds for High Quality Bargains

Cheap diamonds can be found if you know where to look, but don’t let the price fool you. The stone is of high quality and the setting top class, only some outlets can sell cheap diamonds at lower prices than others since they are willing to part with these quality items at lower prices in order to sell more.

It is generally assumed that the cheaper the diamond, the poorer the quality the stone. However, this is not always the case due to local and global political and economic conditions, and although in general terms, poor diamonds will usually cost less than good diamonds, the reverse is not always true. Good diamonds will not always cost more than stones of poorer quality because some outlets take the view that the public will buy more cheap diamonds if they are reasonable priced.

Color is the first of what are termed the 4 Cs. A perfect diamond is colorless, and the quality can reduce with color. Some diamonds can have a blue or red tinge that can actually add to the value, but these are rare. The Cut affects the sparkle, since an inferior diamond is not naturally sparkly. However, cheap diamonds can have a color and cut that challenges that of the very best of diamonds.

Clarity is the third C. Both expensive and cheap diamonds can contain flaws and quality is not in the price but in the stone. The final C, the Carat, is the weight of the diamond. The greater the weight then generally the more expensive the diamond, though cheap diamonds are available at some cheap outlets that have a higher carat weight than their more expensive sisters. You do not always pay for the weight with diamonds, but also for the name on the box and the logo on the wrapping.

The carat weight has less of an effect on the actual quality of the cheap diamond than that the other three Cs, and the cut is less important than the clarity or color. The latter two qualities cannot be altered in a rough diamond, but the cut can. So also can the carat weight if the diamond can be cut economically without losing much of the stone. So an economically cut high quality cheap diamond can be of higher quality than a more expensive diamond that involved a lot of waste in attaining its shape.

Cheap diamonds are available online and offline if you know where to get them. Do not confuse ‘cheap’ with ‘low quality’, since one refers to price and the other to the standard of the stone. Low quality diamonds can be used for jewelry containing clusters of small diamonds, where the sparkle will override any of the other faults, but good cheap diamonds are very difficult to purchase because they are very difficult to find.

Cheap solitaire diamonds are not available for long, since everybody likes a bargain. Grab them when you see them since they are a rarity: the highest quality product at the lowest possible price.

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