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Build Your Engagement Ring By Yourself

Getting engaged is certainly the most happiest, hilarious, and romantic time for both men and women. Choosing an intimate engagement ring is not only existing but also crucial that can take a lot of consideration during the selection process. Men usually urge to buy simple yet delicate ring design that can become a better expression of their love, romance and respect that they have for their beloved fiancé-to-be. On the contrary, women’s choice is quiet different in a manner that they fall for precision cut diamond ring, surrounded by small rhinestones, heavy in a sort. They don’t mind wearing heavy ring provided that it is complementing their accessories and dress. So it is important to go through all possible trends of the jewelry prior to investing in any type of diamond engagement ring.

Being a man, it would be pretty intimidating for you to select any certain ring design confidently, with a hope that it will be adored by your fiancé. Selection shouldn’t be that quick and easy, in any manner, after all it’s all about your big day. You can’t buy anything without knowing what your other half wants to buy and what her taste in jewelry is. Taking her along to the jewelry shop would take all the stress way as she will be there with you all the time, picking on a ring would be easy as well.

If you want to give her a surprise by giving a customized engagement ring, you should build your engagement ring by yourself . The ring will remain on her finger for the rest of her life; therefore, it has to have a unique trait to it in order for the ring to become a memorable keepsake for countless centuries. Here are some tips for you that you can make the most of while searching for an engagement ring for your beloved fiancé-to-be;

Internet: The internet is certainly the best place to trace down the latest trends emerging in the field of bridal and engagement jewelry. If you want to buy a diamond ring of one carat of more, you need to find a good diamond ring retailer online. Great bargain can be obtained at a branded jewelry store only. The first step would be picking on the style and design. Considering all the trends of 2012, it’s become clear that modern women don’t like to wear heavy-cut diamond ring that weights more than 1 carat. Nevertheless, buying a ring within 0.15 to 0.25-carat range is feasible as well as affordable. The size of the ring, however, will be smaller and sleeker than average ring designs. How about having a couple of amethysts, swarovskis, and zircons incorporated in the design of the engagement ring, they can add more definition and color to it since natural diamond comes in a bright white color only.
Magazines: Fashion magazines could be another sources for getting idea about engagement ring since they publish featured articles on ongoing trends of jewelry that tend to change every month. This way you will be able to keep a pace with the latest trend without getting much hassle in the selection of the engagement. You’ll have a clear idea of how a ring should look like and what type of stones must be engraved to make it modern.
Shopping malls: There is nothing wrong in doing window shopping in the popular malls when you are to build an engagement ring by yourself. This is a way to expand your knowledge on what’s in and out. In the jewelry shop, you can have a look at the big stones yourself; they are normally available in 1 to 1.5-carat range, mostly used with the diamond. It is also possible to have multiple colored stoned incorporated at varied carat weights, within the quality-cut diamond being the finest toned in the ring.

If you intend to have different colors in the diamond ring, be focused on picking the diamond of appropriate clarity and type, otherwise, it will fade away in the shades of the stones and ring won’t showcase its real beauty. Use of too many or too less stones can spoil the ring. In all preferred ring setting, gold or platinum is used in 12 to 18-carat range. Use of pure gold is recommended unless your budget is low.

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