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Buying diamond wholesale online

Tens of online websites are selling precision cut diamond jewelry for wedding and engagement ceremonies, only half of these sources provide quality diamond at its best clarity, shape, design, and cut. The question arise now is as where to look for the finest-cut diamond jewelry for special occasions? When it comes to choosing a diamond ring, it is indispensable to ponder and decide wisely as this piece of jewelry will become a secret reflection of your thoughts, personality, taste, and romance. You donít want it to become a misapprehension of your love and feelings that you have for her, do you?

If you havenít bought diamond jewelry in your entire life, now you have to do it, without getting confused and perplexed. We have to do something we havenít done ever before, at some point of our lives. First learn how a diamond should look like; There are four Cs to determine the price and quality of the diamond, and they are clarity, cut, color and carat weight.

Clarity: If you closely inspect any diamond it will reflect lights from all angels, just like a prism. The light will also disperse in different shades within the diamond if you take a deep look inside it. The quality of the diamond is determined by its clarity. It shouldnít be opaque, vague, and unclear in the tone. When you hold an original diamond piece in your hand you feel as if you are holding crystallized water with three or four edges. I will be exaggerating here if I misguide you that a diamond is like a beautiful dew drop. It shines like a sparkling star when you pass it through a beam of the sunlight. Clarity is the symbol for a genuine diamond; keep it in mind when buying a diamond from wholesale market online.

Cut and shape: A diamond is always cut in a definite shape and style; it will have spooky edges in it when you touch it with delicately. These spikes donít poke on the hand being very small yet you can feel them by taking a closer look. A diamond cut with a better cut will command a higher price than a diamond cut shaped up in a haphazard manner. Each diamond is graded differently from market and buyer perspective that explains all crucial details about it as well as define that what grade was used to determine the price and rating of the diamond. An ideal diamond cut will display maximum amount of brilliance and showcase a unique blend of light, beauty, and texture.

Color and carat weight: When buying a diamond from the wholesale market, do remember to check its diamond as well as carat weight. Diamonds are mostly sold in white shade; it doesnít mean there are no other colors available on the market. There are many shades to choose such as black and golden. They emit every strong light and can also have a slight leakage of the light when exposed to the sun or are seen in the dark. If any diamond is reflecting a decent light, it is an indicator that it has been cut serenely for its size rather than brilliance. The colors have a lot to do with the reflectiveness. Among all shades of diamond, white looks enormously sophisticated being reflector of all natural colors.

Diamonds are available in varied carat range where carat is the weight definer. The small diamond ring having a pair of rubies may weight around 0.5 carat or less. One carat diamond rings are very popular these days even being expensive. Itís all about budget, if you have enough money to invest in a diamond you can buy a diamond of 2 carat also, on the contrary, if you are on the tight budget, buying a small ring would be the most intimidating task for you. The simple rule is the more you are eager to spend on a diamond the more quality you will get.

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