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An engagement ring is more than precious metals and sparkling diamonds; it's a symbol of your undying love and devotion as well as a first step towards one of the biggest decisions of your life. To ensure that your choice is treasured for a lifetime, follow these tips to select the perfect diamond engagement ring:

1. Choose the Shape
When you present your choice on bended knee, the first thing your future bride will notice when she opens that velvet box is the shape of the diamond. When making this important choice, remember that the most popular shapes are the round and princess cuts. However, other cuts including emerald, oval, and marquis are equally charming. Before making your final choice, consider your lover's sense of style and physical attributes. Because she will be wearing this ring for many years, think about her personality. If she usually chooses traditional items, the round or princess cut diamond engagement rings may be perfect. For a true romantic, a heart-shaped diamond may be the best choice. Of course, many people choose a shape that complements the shape of the hand or finger length of their lady love.

2. Find the Diamond
The central stone is the most important feature of diamond engagement rings. When choosing this critical component, the experts recommend looking for optimal clarity. However, clarity is hard to see with the naked eye and even harder for the jewelry novice to judge. Color, on the other hand, is much more visible.

For the highest level of fire and sparkle, look for a clear, colorless diamond. Keep in mind that only the rarest, most expensive diamonds are truly crystal clear. Most diamonds have a very slight discoloration, often invisible to the naked eye, caused by traces of other minerals.

Each diamond should be assigned a grade. As the letter assigned to an individual diamond descends from D through L, the stone appears colorless and provides a stunning centerpiece in any setting. As the letters drop below L, deeper levels of yellow and brown become more evident to the untrained jewelry shopper.

3. Select a Ring Style
When it comes to diamond engagement rings, the choices are virtually endless. A classic solitaire featuring an understated setting with an eye-catching central stone is always a safe choice, but more modern designs are also popular. Some couples prefer to highlight the larger diamond with smaller accent stones arranged on each side while others are drawn to the elegant pave bands, a design trend featuring a band completely encrusted with small diamonds.

Of course, you can always design your own engagement ring if you have a creative flair. Many jewelers can turn your vision into a custom piece of jewelry that reflects your sense of style more completely than any commercially-available setting.

4. Decide on the Ring Metal
While the stone is the showpiece, the precious metal that forms the ring's foundation should be chosen to highlight the diamond's inner fire. While durable 18K white gold is the most popular choice, platinum is the most expensive. Other non-conventional choices include various grades of yellow and rose gold. Some newer designs feature a white gold or platinum band with yellow or rose gold accents on the mounting only.

5. Find the Ring Size
If you're trying to surprise your soon-to-be fiancé, this is the tricky part. One successful tactic used by many gentlemen is judging the size by a current ring. If she won't miss it, simply bring the ring to the jewelry store with you. Otherwise, compare it to the DOW ring size guide at http://www.diamondsonweb.com/ring/dowringsizer.mhtml.

Of course, many modern couples shop for diamond engagement rings together. Although this removes much of the fun from a dramatic proposal, it works for many practical-minded people. It also removes those troublesome issues concerning ring size and appropriate style choices.

6. Use a Credible Jeweler
Last, but not least, always buy your jewelry, including diamond engagement rings, from a trusted source like DiamondsOnWeb.com. Many jewelers have a no-return or no-refund policy. Basically, you're stuck with what you bought, or you may be able to talk them into giving you a store credit.

When you buy a diamond engagement ring from DiamondsOnWeb.com, you will enjoy the following advantages that only they provide:
• Each diamond is graded and certified by the world's leading labs.
• Select stones are laser-inscribed for added security.
• Your credit card isn't charged until you receive your ring and examine it carefully.
• 60-day, money-back guarantee

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Carefully consider each facet of this purchase just as you would examine each potential piece of jewelry, and always buy from a trusted jeweler who will allow you to reconsider your decision within a reasonable timeframe without penalty.

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