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Different Types of Diamonds and Their Characteristics


Diamond Types and Their Characteristics

Diamonds continue to reign as one of the most precious stones on earth. Many people want to own them because of their rarity, popularity, and beauty. Owning this stone has, for centuries, become a symbol for power, wealth, and love. Do you know that these stones come in different types and that each type may have different characteristics and uses?

Diamonds are classified in three different types, namely natural, synthetic, and thin film. Natural diamonds are the original stones. They are sourced from the earth and are formed without the help of technology or science. They essentially come from nature. To get them entails a lot of hard work and resources. They are also hard to find and are very rare. It is no wonder then that these precious stones are sold at exorbitant rates in markets. They are prized more by individuals than their counterparts.

The synthetic types, on the other hand, are lab-enhanced. They are formed inside laboratories instead of mined from nature. Basically, nature has nothing to do with how these types of diamonds are formed. To produce them, a process called High Pressure High Temperature Synthesis is used. This process requires graphite, catalyst, and all other ingredients to be subjected to high pressure and extremely high temperature for long periods of hours. Unlike the natural kinds, synthetic diamonds may lack durability. Their quality may be inferior although they may also exude a certain aesthetic appeal. Most of the time, the synthetic kinds are not used for jewelry creation but for industrial purposes.

Thin film diamonds are those that are created out of a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition. They are mostly used for electronic devices because they are good semi-conductor materials. They are used as components in pressure sensors, radiation detectors, thermistors, ultraviolet LED, high power transistors, and many other electronic devices.

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