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Throughout human history, loose diamonds have been valued for their preternatural beauty and unmatchable sparkle, yet many people still have no idea of the range of varieties in which they can be found. If you are thinking of buying loose diamonds, there is a world of fascinating facts for you to uncover.

Loose diamonds can be purchased in their original raw state, but this is very rare, as most people lack the facilities to cut them and they are difficult to appraise before cutting. Because of the rigid tetrahedral structure of its molecules, the only thing which can cut a diamond is another diamond, or a laser. Properly cut loose diamonds come in eleven standard shapes, the most popular of which are the round, cushion, emerald and oval forms. The pear, popularly known as the 'teardrop', is often used in necklaces, as is the marquise. Radiant, asscher and triangle (or 'trilliant') diamonds are popular in men's jewelry such as cufflinks, whilst princess and heart diamonds have lasting romantic appeal.

Less well known is that, besides coming in different shapes, loose diamonds come in different colors. Clear diamonds are traditionally the most highly valued loose diamonds, since traces of yellow or brown staining (from nitrogen impurities) are relatively common, but more unusual colours can actually raise the market value of loose diamonds. Pink and blue diamonds are prized by jewelers, but are usually very pale. Occasionally, strong red, green or blue colours can be found in stones which are still unmistakably loose diamonds, and these can command a very high price.

Understanding the different varieties of loose diamonds available to buy is the first step in learning to trade in them successfully, whether you are hoping to make big profits or just to get a good deal on loose diamonds for use in personal jewelry. No matter how they are cut, loose diamonds are always beautiful, and you are sure to find yourself wanting more.

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