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Create your Own Engagement Ring with Color diamonds

Generally, people love to present colorless diamond ring as a gift to their partners. However, many people like to pick colordiamonds rings as these looks as stunning as the colorless diamond. The biggest advantage which one can grab from selecting this kind of diamond is to money saving. No doubt, colorless white diamond ring is very expensive and when you have a tight budget, you can give preference to colordiamond rings. When you are unable to find colorless and flawless rare diamonds, you should try to create your own engagement ring with fancy colordiamond.

Fancy Diamond Engagement Ring Creation Process
Well, when you are about to create your own engagement ring of fancy diamonds. You need to follow some basic steps.

Step No.1 Get Some Know-How
There is no need to immediately make a purchase. Try to get as much information as you can about fancy diamonds. Good thing is that you can grab the information right from many online forums and websites of jewelry. Read some articles related to fancy diamonds and know what their characteristics and features are.

Step No.2 Check Latest Trends
I think this is the most important step to follow. You should try to choose that fancy color which is high in demand. Latest trends of fancy rings are available on the web. I suggest you to get an entry into Hollywood ceremonies where you can find which celebrity wears what rings. In simple words, many entertainment websites keep their reader updated about the fancy diamonds rings that are popular among celebrities. Following the celebrities is simply a best way of picking the latest style.

Step No.3 Search Online
You should start your window shopping from online jewelry stores. Actually, wide assortment of engagement rings is available on these portals. Even these sites let you to create your own engagement ring by choosing the best setting, fancy diamonds and shapes. You should design a ring through this website once as it will work as a trial. After this trial, it wonít be hard for you to shop the actual ring.

Step No.4 Pick the Color
Itís good to start your shopping with the color selection. There are different colordiamonds such as red, pink and blue. While picking the color, you donít need to be careful. Some jewelers sell treated diamonds; diamond which doesnít have actual fancy color but jewelers pass them through different treatments just to give them desired colors. Treated diamonds are less expensive and their quality is also low. Another thing that you should consider when selecting the color is the like and unlike of your partner.

Step No.5 Decide on Setting and Shape
Just like colorless diamond, you are able to find a wide variety of shapes like round, square, marquis, oval, etc. Generally, round shape colordiamond is famous but you can consider other shapes too. When you are going to create your own engagement ring, you feel it hard to decide on the right setting. At this point, I advise you do some home work first. You should smartly check what your partners like to wear often. If this home work is difficult, you need to do nothing but to select the best available setting. Generally, women like side stone setting for the engagement ring.

So, itís time to follow these basic steps and to create your own engagement ring for the big day.

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