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Diamond Cut

A diamond's cut is considered by diamond experts to be one of the most important characteristics of a diamond. The quality and precision of a cut has a direct impact on the overall brilliance of a diamond. The Yadav Signature Ideal Round Diamond Collection™ focuses on the diamond cut.

Each diamond purchased from the Yadav Signature Ideal Round Diamond Collection™ is accompanied by:

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A Diamond in the Rough diamond in the rough cut diagram

The sparkle of a diamond is often called "fire" because colorful bursts of light that are refracted from the many facets. In a well-cut diamond, the light entering the stone bounces from one facet to another and emerges through the top of the stone.

To maximize brilliance, both a skilled master diamond cutter and meticulously planned and perfectly proportioned cuts produce the highest cut diamonds of exceptional fire and value. As much as 63% of the uncut diamond can be lost during this process.

At Yadav we think it is worth it to lose rough diamond material to maximize the beauty of the diamond. With 63% of a rough diamond being cut away, there is no margin for error; the slightest miscalculation may make the difference between Yadav Signature Ideal Round Brilliant diamond and a Very Good Cut diamond.

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Balanced Symmetry

balanced symmetry diagramA diamond's symmetry refers to the alignment of the diamond's facets, which have large impact on a diamond's brilliance. Each facet is like a mirror or small reflective surface. When the facets are symmetrically aligned, all of the light that enters the diamond is reflected back to your eyes. Look carefully at the illustrations in this section. The diamond on the left has poor symmetry, because the facets are not aligning properly. This will cause the light to be mis-directed causing the diamond to look less brilliant. The diamond on the right is in the Yadav Ideal Signature Collection™ and its facts are symmetrically aligned, allowing the maximum amount of light entering into the diamond to be reflected back to your eyes, for dazzling results.

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Perfect Proportion

diamond proportions diagramProportions effect how light travels after entering a diamond. Diamonds that are cut too shallow or too deep allow light to pass through the pavilion before it can be reflected through the table of the diamond, having a significant effect on the brilliance's. When a diamond is cut with perfect symmetry and perfect proportions, a diamond will gather and reflect light, for maximum brilliance.

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