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We at Diamonds on Web realize that you may not know the exact ring size for a given finger
but we will certainly do everything we can to help you out.

Download and print a Complimentary Ring Sizer
Request a free Diamonds on Web ring sizing kit by mail (US Only).

Find Your Ring Size:

If the ring purchase is not a surprise, we can provide you with your very own ring sizer. You can either request one by mail or you can download a printable version right now.

If the ring purchase is a surprise, you can still use the printable ring sizer if you have access to another ring that you can use as a comparison. Alternatively, you might want to consider asking a relative (in confidence of course) if they know the correct ring size.

We are also happy to offer free resizing for 30 days after your purchase so as a last resort you can simply make your best guess and then we can make required adjustments afterwards.

Download and print a complimentary ring sizer:

All you need is a printer and a pair of scissors and you can have your very own ring sizer in just a couple of minutes! Simply click the link below and follow the directions.

Click here to Download

Request a free Diamonds on Web ring sizing kit by mail (US Only):

Donít have access to a printer? No problem- just click the link below to request a ring sizer kit to be sent to you by mail.

Click here to request your free ring sizer kit by mail

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