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After your order has been placed

Yadav Master Jewelers

All Yadav Master jewelers have at least 20 years of hands-on diamond experience!

Once your order is received by the Yadav inventory department, the process of creating your diamond jewelry item begins.

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Each Yadav master jeweler has a minimum of 20 years of hands-on experience creating high-quality diamond jewelry and is equipped with a state-of-the-art jeweler's workstation, to ensure the utmost craftsmanship with the highest quality diamonds and metals.

First, the master jeweler locates your diamond and setting in our extensive in-house collection and carefully inspects it to ensure quality. Your diamond and setting then make their way to the jeweler's workstation.

How a skilled master jeweler tailors your customized jewelry order

Under magnification and lighting, the jeweler resizes the ring for the perfect fit then carefully places your diamond into the setting to ensure maximum brilliance and safety.

Each setting is made with the highest grade metals, with careful attention to the symmetry of the prongs. Fit is critical, prongs must be symmetrical, both to enhance the beauty and security of the piece. The jeweler must use extremely high powered magnification to examine the piece from all angles to assure absolute perfection.

Your ring is sized to the perfect fit, and then your diamond is set with precision. Before leaving the jewelers bench, your ring is cleaned and polished.

When the item is complete, it is cleaned and polished and is then ready to move onto the next step, Quality Control.

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