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    Over 40,000 certified diamonds - ALL diamonds at guaranteed lowest prices. Diamonds for every budget.


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    Wedding Rings

    Our collection of expertly crafted men's and women's wedding bands includes hundreds of styles to choose from.


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    Fancy Yellow Rings

    The rarest of diamonds, like crystal sunshine! Each engagement rings is crafted to bring out the best in its unqiue fancy diamond.


Diamond Education


The first step to choosing a diamond is selecting from one of the major diamond shapes available.

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Refers to the angles and proportions of a diamond. Based on scientific formulas, a well-cut diamond will internally reflect light from one mirror-like facet to another. Read more


Refers to the degree to which a diamond is colorless. Diamond color has a significant impact on its value.

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Refers to the degree of inclusions within the diamond. These inclusions are created naturally overtime as the diamond is created underground.

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Carat Weight

Refers to the weight of a diamond.
Carat is often confused with size even though it is actually a measure of weight.

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